Psychic Mediums – How to Communicate With a Crystal Ball

The psychic reading techniques that are known to work can be performed with the use of a crystal ball. Many people do not realize this but the science behind the Crystal Ball is that the pure light radiating from the ball filters through all of the fine particles in the air and turns it into an electromagnetic field.

The device works by using the pressure of the air to convert what is in the air into an electric current. This allows us to receive a reading from the air. Of course you must be open to the medium or your message will never make it to the psychic reader.

It should also be noted that the crystals used to form the crystal ball do not have to be the same color as the one being used. They can be in any color and the color does not matter. What matters is the pressure of the air being applied to the stone and its effect on the waves of the body.

In order to use the Crystal Ball as a medium to communicate with the psychic, you need to allow for the free flow of air and the energy present in the surroundings. You can make a statement by placing the crystal ball on a table in the room you want to communicate with a psychic in. By setting the ball up like this it is possible to focus your mind on a particular idea or thought.

It is possible to set a table of crystal balls in a room in which you wish to give psychic readings. When the free flow of air in the room is strong enough to allow the reader to focus their attention on the psychic energy begins to build up inside the psychic practitioner.

In order to release this energy the psychic practitioner needs to be totally quiet and remain motionless in the room until the air pressure has diminished. As the tension begins to ease the psychic energy will begin to rise and will release the negative energies.

As soon as a person uses a crystal ball in a spirit communication it is most effective if they listen to it for a while. If you choose to use a crystal ball as a medium then there are methods to learn how to perform a reading with it. One way is to stand close to the screen of the ball and whisper into it.

When the flow of free flow of air is available, the psychic reader will be able to perform a reading from the energy found within the crystal ball. It is important to remember that the individual must be open to the message that comes from the crystal ball. Some people respond more quickly than others.