Tarot Card Reading For an Unconscious Mind

A Tarot card reading is a wonderful way to help connect with your unconscious mind. As you read the cards for your reading, ask yourself questions about your life. The answers that you receive from your unconscious will then determine your interpretation of the deck. The meanings of the cards that you will be presented with will vary based on your answers to your questions.

When asking questions about your life, the first step to answering is deciding what questions you would like answering. You should ask yourself questions that you find difficult to answer because your subconscious knows the answers and does not need to ask them to you. Answering simple yes or no questions is great but also remember that your subconscious is searching for a personal journey. When you are not able to answer a question that you ask yourself, your subconscious is trying to find a solution to the question.

A tarot card reading is an invitation to explore the unknown. Your Tarot card reading readings will open up your vision of your life. You will learn how you have viewed your life before the reading and also find out more about what you are afraid of. By letting your questions to guide your interpretation of the deck, you will connect to your inner self and discover new possibilities.

In your reading, you may ask yourself a question that you are trying to answer by searching for the answer. Perhaps you are searching for something that is missing in your life. The answers will be obvious to you as they are embedded in the cards. You may then choose one of the four suits to represent your question, in order to better answer it.

Before you begin the reading, close your eyes and make a list of the questions that you want to ask your unconscious. Then have the cards before you. It is helpful to have the deck at arm’s length while you are reading the cards, because you will need to look directly into the cards. Read them out loud, using a pencil so that you can check the answers that are being read out. This way, you will be sure that you are hearing and interpreting the cards correctly.

After the cards are read, you will receive a short explanation about the meaning of the cards that is written below the cards. This explanation may be in a foreign language, or it may be simply explained in a series of diagrams. You may choose to interpret the meanings yourself or ask your inner guidance. The explanations are intended to give you insight about the meaning of the cards.

After you have interpreted the cards and the meaning of the answer, you can consider the question that you have asked yourself. Ask yourself what you want to know and write it down next to the answer to that question. This is a way of making the answer yours, because your subconscious knows exactly what it is you are looking for.

Your Tarot card reading is a wonderful way to connect with your unconscious and learn about your life. There are many interpretations that you can find within the cards and once you understand them, you will be ready to take your own Tarot card reading. This is the perfect way to connect with your inner self and see the meaning that has been placed there for you.