What Is a Psychic Definition?

Many people who are interested in becoming a psychic ask the question, “What is a psychic definition?” A good place to start would be with the National Psychic Association’s definition of what a psychic is. From that it is easy to see that being a psychic does not necessarily require a degree or formal training.

In their definition, they go on to say, “Psychics believe that there is a power to shape events and of course we all have some influence on how things will turn out. A person who is an adept at reading other people’s thoughts and finding out what is happening in their lives is what psychics call a clairvoyant.” So, if the word “clairvoyant” is not familiar to you, don’t worry.

Another popular definition of a psychic is, “A psychic who can see, hear, touch, or feel spirits or the spirit world, as well as a person’s past, present, and future and also for determining the person’s emotional state and feelings about specific people and events.” Another version is, “A person who uses what they read and sense to predict the future.” It is important to know that there are those who believe that a psychic does not have to be able to see anything to have “interaction” with spirits. They believe that a psychic has spirit, or ethereal, ties and then they also believe that they can communicate with spirits. This is just one of the many definitions.

There are many explanations for these definitions, but what is common among them is that a psychic is someone who is capable of connecting with and sensing a spirit. Psychic readings can range from the personal to the cosmic and any person who can use that spiritual ability is considered to be a psychic.

“Interaction” may seem a little vague, but it really means that the psychic is able to connect with another energy by feelings or senses. This connection is one that is not physical but rather a spiritual one that emanates from the psychic’s source.

Another psychic definition that is quite commonly used is, “A psychic’s interpretations of events, conversations, dreams, images, and other communication with spirit. Psychics use this information to help them understand their lives and what happens in their lives.” So, if the definition above seems a little confusing, don’t worry.

A psychic’s definition may be a bit different than yours. One reason why they use a different definition is because some may not consider themselves a psychic.

As more people become interested in learning about a spirit world, new definitions are being created and this includes a new way of defining a psychic. Today, it may not be necessary to have a degree or formal training to become a psychic.